Doctor Reviews

Ever since man appeared evident was the desire for communication and information. So over time he developed his knowledge , his speech and the emergence of writing gave him the ability to transmit information and knowledge from generation to generation.

The invention and the development of printing gave an unprecedented possibility of transmitting knowledge while important has been the development of photography and the media (radio-television). All this because man by his nature has always wanted to have the knowledge of situations , good and quick information.

The occurrence, development and spread of the Internet, literally boosted the information and mainly the direct information.It is known to all, how useful is the correct and immediate information and how much it can help and contribute to important decisions either at the level of interstate relations or in our own daily lives.

But how can the direct and correct reporting of a doctor , on the background of a «Unknown» patient , which is facing a medical emergency , contribute to better, more effective and perhaps faster confrontation of this situation?

Ηow much better better the emergency doctor would deal with the case of an either in Health Center or Hospital leve (public or private) one patient that comes in emergency with or without consciousness , when he has direct access to a database of the medical history of this patient (which in most cases is for the doctor he is an unknown patient)?

How much safer will feel a man - patient in the country or when traveling , when he knows that at any moment if anything happens to him , he will have a better care since the doctor that will take care of him has direct access to his history?

Certainly in countries such as Greece, for example, which is a global tourist destination how much better solution would be for medical services and medical care if the doctor (rural doctor – doctor – specializer – specialized) anywhere and be able to know the necessary medical data for a patient directly when required and his life is in danger?

The answers to all the of the above is obvious and the patient would feel safer and the doctor feels comfortable , when he knows he has the ability to direct information, especially quick and reliable , also the health system is not facing fatigue and expenses on doing medical examinations that are not needed on that time.

So in the world of information overload via Internet on any topic , until today , there was a gap in the information and access to personal medical records.

How many times a doctor has been called urgently for a patient , either domestic or foreign without knowing anything about the history of this patient? Without having clear information either from the attendants.

That gap that existed since today stops there with the service of My Health Nets.

In this service a patient gives his medical history by his consent, so without anxiety , without insecurity he may travel anywhere having the security that will adequately handled by medical personnel when needed in any country of the world that has access to internet.

This service provides full security of personal medical data and access to it is only permitted by the patient himself or by an authorized doctor.

The patient's medical history includes information (or empty history if there are no cases) and basically gives instant information on Blood Group – Allergies – Chronic Diseases – Chronic medication of the patient and about Surgeries or other operations (agioplast or stent) .

Therefore a quick look every doctor who has authorized access to the website knows directly who is his patient του and clearly oriented for faster and more effective results in diagnosis and treatment of his patient , so ending we could say , that the internet with a service like that can be used exclusively for as an advantage of the doctor – patient providing complete medical history , regardless of origin – nationality of the patient regardless of the place or country or if he is traveling , regardless the level of the doctor that will be called for this emergency case, regardless if patient is able himself to give information or not (loss of senses – wounding – car accident etc)

Sotiris Gkouliamas

Lieutenant Colonel of Greek army

General Surgeon

Deputy Director of the Surgical Dept

Naval Hospital of Crete

Deputy Director of the 4 Surgical Dept

IASO General -Athens

Fellow of the Endocrine Surgical Dept

Central Clinic of Athens

Member of Hellenic Surgical Society

Member of Hellenic Society of Endocrine Surgeons