Privacy Policy

Apollonia Farm is a global co-operation of companies and shops that is specialized on the protection on human health and in quality of life.

We are proud to introduce you our web-platform that gives you the power to be able to fetch your medical details anytime.

While using our service you are the only one that has the access to these information , but these information have to be completely accurate.

In case you have any health problem or if that happens in future , possibly this platform will be very important for your health and maybe for your life as well.

Therefore you have to insert exact , real and completely accurate your medical details and records in our platform , in case any change happens to it you are forced to update our platform as well.

Our platform secures your medical details in a secure system and is using the global reliable system of Cloudflare company to secure the transfer of your data , since its one of the biggest companies in the world in the sector of security. This company is one of the web leaders that is increasing internet security pressures.

In case any of your personal details or medical records is leaked or lost or stolen , we do not have any responsibility , even if we have such high security level.

In conclusion in case you register in our website you have to accept all of our terms of service and you are the only responsible for the accuracy , safety and completeness of your medical details and records. We do not have any responsibility for any of them , if they are lost or stolen , since we are using a high level of security.

We have acted in the best way to keep all of your information secure , but since you agree to register and import your personal details you have the absolute responsibility for your personal and medical details , while registering in our platform you have accepted all of our terms of service and privacy policy.