Terms of service

MyHealthNets by Apollonia Farm is a web platform that can offer you anytime your medical details whenever you need them and in any place of the world.

The only thing you have to do is to visit https://www.myhealthnets.com/ and in there you can login with your email and your personal password.

While using MyHealthNets by Apollonia Farm any doctor wich is taking care of you would be able to have access in your medical information in a matter of minutes , in any place of the world.

In this way in any moment of your life you have a full and secure access in your medical details.

But in case you would like to use our system your doctor should be able to be connected to the internet and have some kind of access to this website so we will be able to fetch all of the required information including your medical history and the rest of your medical records.

In conclusion if your in-duty doctor is not able to have a proper internet access or if he/she isn't able to access any modern device like a personal computer , a tablet computer or a modern smartphone , we do not have any responsibility for any matters.